SATO Increases Production Capability for ECONANO®


Tokyo, Japan, SATO, a leader in barcode printing, labeling and EPC/RFID solutions announced today plans to increase production of its unique ECONANO®labels – the world’s first label series able to reduce CO²emissions released at the point of incineration. ACTiiEVe Corporation, responsible for the manufacturing of base materials used in ECONANO®, has established a new factory in Fukushima prefecture, Japan. This will enable SATO to significantly increase its ECONANO® manufacturing capabilitiesas of February 2013.

The new factory began the manufacture of the special CO² absorbent utilized in the production of ECONANO® on February 10, 2013, with the full production system to produce ECONANO® labels in place by the end of the month. This new production system will enable SATO to produce a much higher volume of ECONANO® labels, with up to 10% of its total label production as ECONANO® labels.

“SATO’s mission has always been to contribute to society through its main business,” said Etsuo Fujii, President of SATO Corporation. “Increasing our production capabilities for ECONANO® in this way demonstrates that we are increasingly trying to make this contribution through environmentally-focused products and solutions. As demand for ECONANO® labels increases, it is our sincere hope that we will one day produce 100% of our labels products as ECONANO® labels.”

ECONANO® was developed by SATO Group in collaboration with Professor Masahiko Abe at the Department of Science and Engineering, Tokyo University of Science, and the University's venture company, ACTiiEVe Corporation. ECONANO® labels contain a specialCO²absorbent in theiradhesive. When incinerated, this absorbent reducesthe amount of CO²emittedby approximately 20%. SATO Group began sale of ECONANO® in Japan in November 2011andhasseen sales to businesses including major electronic appliance retailers and supermarketssince that time.

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