Stutch Data Services


End User: Stutch Data Services

SATO Products: SATO Label Gallery 3 Software (with ODBC), SATO CX400 & CT4 Printers, Motorola MC55 Terminal, Custom manufactured labels, SATO Print Bureau

Stutch Data Services are a computer storage media, hardware and software supply company. Specialising in tape & data storage, products and services, Stutch Data supply to the Information Technology segments within Government, Medical and a range of other organisations. Stutch Data range of products and services includes tape drives, tape libraries, data and storage software, data and cleaning tapes, LTO Tape testing, Storage units as well as many other items.

As an extension of the services provided by Stutch Data, they were approached by one of their customers to provide a printing and labelling solution to allow them to track their IT assets in all of it's global divisions. Stutch Data's customer had previously used other systems and labels and experienced a series of problems which caused the system to be ineffective.

Working with Stutch Data to ensure integration with their software, SATO developed a software solution to produce required labels utilising Label Gallery 3 including open database connectivity (ODBC) and print format files. The network based software solution was provided along with both SATO CX400 and CT4 printers to match with the volumes of printing to be required at each area of the local site. Physical labels were designed and manufactured to fit the exact specifications of Stutch Data's customer for durable, high quality labels. These same labels were provided as a combination of plain labels for overprinting in-house on CX & CT printers as well as a large portion being pre-printed in the SATO Print Bureau prior to shipment to international branches of customer. The local branch of the customer was also supplied with Motorola MC55 Terminals and software for the purposes of capturing the details of each asset.

Working with partner Stutch Data, SATO has provided the customer with hardware, software and consumables to be able to produce the exact labels and solution that were needed to be able to label and track their IT assets. All items are matched to customer specifications to provide the optimal performance, durability and ongoing flexibility if required.