Soluciones de impresión SATO …un motivo de reflexión



SATO, empresa pionera en la industria AIDC (Identificación automática y recogida de datos) y líder en impresión de códigos de barras, etiquetado y soluciones EPC/RFID, ofrece una amplia gama de soluciones de impresión de códigos de barras para el seguimiento y la trazabilidad de productos alimentarios. Es de gran importancia para distribuidores de alimentos ofrecer al cliente una visibilidad y una trazabilidad completas durante toda la cadena de suministro.

Las soluciones de impresión SATO permiten un control y una trazabilidad completos para gestionar de manera eficiente y segura los productos desde los proveedores hasta el cliente y de vuelta a los distribuidores. Los productos contaminados o estropeados pueden identificarse fácilmente, localizarse y devolverse sin incidentes, ahorrando tiempo y dinero, y posibles pleitos. Por otra parte, el seguimiento de pallets y el reciclado o la devolución de activos son otra forma de abaratar costes y de mejorar la eficiencia. SATO…¡un motivo de reflexión!

La línea completa de productos SATO incluye impresoras térmicas directas y de transferencia térmica, motores de impresión OEM, accesorios de impresora, software de diseño de etiquetas, etiquetas y cintas de transferencia térmica. 

  • Wipe-on Labeling System for Clamshell Packaging
    Andrew & Williamson Fresh Produce Co. installed a SATO thermal printer to accommodate their wipe-on applicator.
  • New Line, New Bottles: SATO Plays a Part
    Switching from glass to a PET bottle and the installation of a new packaging line is paying big dividends for Claude's Sauces, Inc., El Paso, TX.
  • Produce Company Overcomes Labeling Challenge
    A well-designed label communicates important product information, helps manufacturers and shippers comply with government and industry regulations and standards, and (if bar codes are involved) acts as the cornerstone for automated tracking and shipping applications.
  • Fish Gets Case-Ready
    Angling for a share of the case-ready retail market, Beaver Street Fisheries commits itself to the business, hook, line and sinker, with high-speed tray-wrapping lines that produce 2,400 trays per hour of case-ready fish.
  • No Holes in Labeling Program at Krispy Kreme
    The doughnut maker's box labels go round and round -- but they always end up in exactly the right place, thanks to a custom labeling solution
  • Dry-Bean Country
    A new packaging line at L.H. Hayward runs 1-, 2- and 4-lb bags of dry beans on two vertical form/fill/seal machines.
  • Sea Breeze Deploys Low-Volume Printing Solution
    There have not been many options for budget-conscious customers that need a quality printer for low-volume production lines.  
  • SATO Print Engines on 17 tomato-packing lines
    Packaging labels play a key role in the supply chain. A new label print-and-apply system by Cheetah Systems using SATO print engines improves label accuracy by almost double.
  • Fruit packer conquers Produce Traceability Initiative challenge
    Sun Valley Packing Co., a fruit grower and packer with 10 different case-packing and labeling/coding lines, finds a high degree of flexibility with their choice of a PA5750 E-Series all-electric labeler from Diagraph, utilizing a Model S8408 print engine from SATO America.
  • Conference Badges Hold More Information
    Austin Travel is a corporate travel agency that organises large business conferences
  • Fresh Sandwich Labelling
    A French bakery products leader worldwide who also offers "French style" quick service concepts with Take-Aways and Snack Corners across Europe.
  • Makin Bacon
    Bryan Foods is a large pork processor based in Mississippi. Having built a new distribution centre (DC), they required a paperless inventory control and shipping system for managing the warehouse.