Fresh Sandwich Labelling

End user: A French Bakery
System: SATO HT200e
Benefits: On-demand fresh food labelling, straight-forward programming to effortless maintenance


The customer
A French bakery products leader worldwide who also offers "French style" quick service concepts with Take-Aways and Snack Corners across Europe. These snack corners are often part of gas stations, offering the customers a one-stop-shop occasion with a selection of bakery products and fresh sandwiches.

The application
According to the EU directive 2000/13/EC of 20 March 2000, all foodstuffs must be subject to labelling, clearly indicating information, such as product name, list of ingredients, date of minimum durability or - in case of highly perishable foodstuffs - the ‘use by’ date etc. Especially in case of fresh foods, such as sandwiches and salads, fast and flexible labelling is key.

In addition to official EU regulations, the gas station hosting the snack corner has their own requirements in terms of product quality and consumer satisfaction, as their own image will be judged in relation to the food purchased on their premises.

Customer satisfaction: In order to reduce queues during peak hours, a selection of sandwiches are freshly prepared, wrapped and labelled just before lunch time. Customers can serve themselves, without having to queue twice: first for ordering their food and then again for paying at the cash register. To enable the cashier to scan the product, the labels must include a barcode.

Product quality:
To assure maximum product quality, the chain of gas stations had carried out a study, which showed that freshly prepared sandwiches stay tasty for more or less 60 minutes. Afterwards, their quality and freshness starts to deteriorate. Therefore, the label must contain information on the time after which the sandwich should not be consumed anymore.

SATO’s compact standalone printer HT200e had the perfect solution fit for these project requirements. With its small footprint and battery option, it can be used directly where it is needed – in the snack corner itself. And thanks to its integrated memory, no PC connection is necessary. The requested label application is provided in a very user-friendly manner thanks to the HT’s unique features, such as ready-made formats, automatic calculations and touch-of-a-button printing.

The different label formats per various sandwich type are saved directly on the printer. Thanks to the integrated Real Time Clock (RTC) function, the printer automatically inserts the correct date and time (time of label print + 1 hour for optimum consumption time) on the label.

So in the end, the snack bar employee only has to choose the amount of labels they want to print per format. Everything else is pre-programmed and automatically calculated by the HT200e.
The innovative, stand-alone HT 200e printer is the perfect solution for on-demand fresh food labelling.

Designed with the end-user in mind, this printer is really easy to use, from simple label loading and straight-forward programming to effortless maintenance.

In addition to 29 ready-to-use formats, the HT offers 15 empty memory slots for own layouts, which can be increased to a capacity of up to 2000 formats with the optional SDRAM memory card. Thanks to its variable font types in terms of size and design and the possibility of 2-colour printing, important information can be specifically highlighted on the label.

  • Portable (Battery option and fold-away handle)
  • Small footprint & light-weight (2,5kg)
  • User friendliness: Easy label loading, easy programming, effortless maintenance etc.
  • Automatic calculations (Calendar, RTC etc.)
  • Preset function & automatic printing
  • Flexible label layouts
  • Different font types
  • 2-color printing
  • Integrated label dispenser
  • Option to directly connect barcode scanner