SATO Launches New Feature-Value Desktop Printer: CG2


A new affordable ultra-compact, feature-packed printer for on-demand, label or wristband printing applications, the CG2, has been launched in the UK by SATO.

The CG2 can be used to print 2-inch labels, receipts, wristbands or tags- including RFID labels. Its ease of use and small footprint make this one of the best feature-value desktop printers of its class, claims SATO, a leading provider of data collection and label printing solutions worldwide.

The CG2 can be operated as a standalone printing system, using the SATO keypad instead of a PC. Its size makes the new printer an ideal choice if there is limited counter space and it provides touch-of-a-button printing convenience for operators on the shop floor or back office.

Print resolution is up to 305 dpi, necessary to print text and barcodes, including 2D barcodes on very small labels, such as those commonly used in the electronics or pharmaceutical industries for component or specimen labelling. The printer’s anti-microbial casing which discourages the growth of micro-organisms, makes it suitable for use in environments where cleanliness and hygiene are paramount and a high level of safety vital. 
The new printer’s clam shell design makes it easy to load media - the simple label mechanism design means that even a novice can load it. Ease of operation and maintenance have been designed in too; print heads and platen rollers can be replaced without tools.

The CG2 printer is also RFID-ready  providing an affordable HF RFID printing solution.

Typical applications for the GC2 include: price and shelf-edge labelling, markdown labelling, returns labelling, patient identification wristbands, specimen labelling, ticketing, product authentication and item tracking.

“The launch of the 2-inch CG2 fills a gap in our product line-up allowing us to target new applications requirements with industry-trusted SATO printing technology,” said Brian Lang, Managing Director of SATO International Europe.. “It broadens our potential customer base, extending even to small office users. Our customers and partners across Europe are excited at the prospect of an affordable 2-inch barcode and RFID printing solution that offers such massive market penetration potential.”

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