TH2 Food Safety solution gains market share at Benelux petrol stations


In the Benelux, lots of public traded oil and gas companies operate through independent subsidiaries. Each of them have their own unique history, distinctive expertise and clientele. Many of them offer more experience and present renewed petrol stations that revolve around experience. Many stations are fully equipped with new Shop & Food concepts where quality products are freshly prepared. Guests have access to free Wifi networks so they enjoy their time at the petrol station and stay a bit longer. 

With these new concepts new challenges arise. If you prepare and sell fresh food, you have to work with a system based on the HACCP principle. To avoid time consuming methods of HACCP coding and the risk of human errors many shops are implementing the TH2 printer as a fully automatic HACCP coding system. 

With the solution SATO offers, customers take the next step to implement new standards and simple and effective guidelines to offer their customers the best and fresh products. Using the TH2 Series results in an error free process, and employees can work more efficiently due to the time savings. The compact printer works standalone and portable allowing staff to print at any point within the service station.

More information on the TH2 Food Safety solutions can be found here.

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