A great match for sensitive skin or long-stay patients of up to 3 weeks, our premium SATO TT Wristband is soft yet durable for optimum performance and comfort and is available in a range of colours.

Thermal printing technology delivers a crisp and robust print to the extra-soft anti-microbial Econano®* embossed wristband to ensure that patient data remains legible throughout the duration of their stay.

The wristband is ideal for infants or the elderly due to its gentle nature, the wristband is secured with a soft, antimicrobial Econano® clip for security and to remove the risk of transference. In addition, unique to the SATO wristband, is a security ribbon that conceals patient ID for additional peace of mind.

Tested in laboratory conditions, based on ISO standards, the wristband has been certified as a non-cytotoxic and non-irritant material for the patient skin.

The SATO TT wristband is also designed to withstand the harsh hospital environment, resisting moisture, alcohol, detergent and hand sanitisers to ensure that patient data and barcodes are preserved. This allows a high level of security and safety to be delivered as standard.

*Econano® technology helps to absorb and reduce the carbon dioxide (CO2) that is released into the atmosphere when the wristband is incinerated.

Using nano vesicle capsule (NVC) technology to add a CO2 absorbent to the wristband's adhesive, Econano® wristbands can reduce the amount of CO2 released at the point of incineration.

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