TH2 label printer from SATO offers revolutionary functionality in the Retail sector for price markdown applications


SATO, an international leader in the Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) industry and a leader in barcode printing, labelling, and EPC/RFID solutions has launched the revolutionary new TH2 label printer which offers portable, standalone, intelligent printing and introduces the concept of Application Enabled Printing (AEP).

Lightweight and portable the TH2 is suited to the retail environment particularly due to its powerful price markdown functionality. Many retail outlets currently handle price markdowns using pre-printed labels. This inflexible approach results in, at best, non-uniform price reduction information being communicated to customers and, at worst, loss of profits as staff struggle to make percentage calculations or implement markdowns accurately.

Using the user-defined database, which can easily be downloaded to the unit’s SD card or accessed via the LAN, price calculation responsibilities are removed from the staff on the shop floor while they are still able to implement a sale at short notice to clear end of line or perishable products or to improve inventory flow. Integrating with any handheld scanner the TH2 can print WAS and NOW prices with percentage discount information set automatically onto a tag or label.

The TH2 represents a new concept in printing namely, Application Enabled Printing or AEP. Using SATO’s software it is possible for a user to create a new application very easily and to transfer or update this information onto the SD memory of the unit via USB or LAN.

Designed with versatility in mind the TH2 is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that allows between 4000 and 5000 labels to be printed from a single charge. The TH2 features an in-built keypad, so there’s no need for a PC in close proximity. It has an anti-microbial casing to prevent bacterial cross contamination and has a wide, adjustable LCD screen display which offers mobile phone type, intuitive operation.

With SATO always aware of price sensitivity users will be impressed that despite its market-leading technical specification the TH2 stands alone and there are no other products in its price bracket which offer such innovative features and benefits. Speaking about the launch of the TH2, SATO International Europe’s Managing Director, Brian Lang said, “For those working in the ultra-competitive retail sector the TH2 represents a real problem solving solution. Not only is the price very attractive but the ease of use and functionality can give retailers a real flexibility of response while maintaining total control of their pricing” The TH2 has a carrying handle as standard and a range of accessories is available such as a keypad cover, SD card, a hanging wall mount and a label cutter.

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