Carbon Ribbons - Value Range

SATO's Value Ribbon Range are of a high quality and suitable for use on any thermal printer, regardless of brand or type. These ribbons are delivered throughout Europe within 72 hours and will be stored in the new European Central Logistics warehouse in Poland.

SATO designs and constantly tests its ribbons to ensure maximum printer performance and durability of the printhead. These ribbons are used for printing barcodes, text, logos, etc on all kinds of materials and for each material that's to be printed on, SATO's carbon ribbons deliver the right quality.
Wax ribbons are suitable for printing on paper, but are less suitable for printing onto smooth surfaces, e.g. PE plastic or vinyl material. Wax ribbons are an ideal and affordable solution for printing labels on media with a relatively rough surface.
SWX-100 General applications, sharp print, printing at high speed.



Ribbons with Wax and Resin ingredients are suitable for general purposes, wherein the wax to the ribbon protects against certain solvents. These carbon ribbons are widely used when you need to print, for example, a smooth material such as plastic labels, insert labels, etc but also works will when printed on paper and is also durable and scratch resistant. 
(flat head)

The best ribbon for all conditions in which a perfect print is needed to remain on the label for a long period of time. This ribbon is resistant to several chemicals and is also stain resistant.
(near edge)

Developed specifically for use in print engines.


Resin ribbons are in high demand as they are abrasion and scratch resistant. These carbon ribbons are especially suitable for outdoor use or high temperatures. Resin ribbons are ideal for use in extreme conditions due to their unique resistance to most solvents, such as alcohol, oil, grease, etc.
The Resin ribbon is used in extreme conditions where strict requirements are to be followed.



GHS labelling

Food Packaging
The Value Ribbon Range by SATO are the result of a high level of expertise. It takes low power to operate and offers high resolution printing for a wide variety of applications, including chemicals. It offers a reliable solution for printing that is solvent resistant and which also complies with international GHS regulations. The Value Ribbon Range by SATO are the result of a high level of expertise.  It takes low power to operate and offers high resolution printing for a wide variety of applications, including food packaging. It is certified for use in conjunction with approved direct food contact marking and coding applications.
SATO ribbons are certified by:
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