Tokyo, Japan – Feb. 26, 2014 – SATO, a leader in barcode printing, labelling, and RFID solutions and Altrax Group, a leader in traceability solutions for the healthcare environment, Bristol, UK, co-announced today that Stryker Europe has adopted its PJM RFID solutions in 6 countries in Europe.

Prior to Europe, Stryker, a world leader in orthopaedic implant manufacture, has adopted PJM RFID solutions in Australasia. Now, Stryker Europe is rolling out the same PJM RFID solutions to its main distribution centres in UK, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium and Italy.

SATO has been providing a wide range of RFID solutions to the global market for over a decade and acquired the healthcare business of Magellan Technology Pty Ltd in Dec 2013, establishing SATO Vicinity Pty Ltd in Sydney, Australia as a new entity to continue with R&D and manufacturing of its unique PJM RFID technology.

“6 out of the world’s top 7 orthopaedic implant manufacturers including Stryker are already users of PJM RFID Technology in Australia. The decision by Stryker
Europe to adopt our PJM RFID Technology in Europe is a good indication of their trust in the reliability of PJM Technology and the capability of SATO’s local service in Europe,” said Kaz Matsuyama, President & CEO of SATO Holdings, “Stryker Europe will be enjoying better localised support from our valued partner Altrax Group and SATO group member companies in all 6 countries.”

Altrax Group, well-known for its specialities in traceability solutions for the hospital sterilisation field, had been the solution partner of Magellan Technology in the UK prior to the acquisition by SATO, and is also the solution partner of SATO, providing its traceability systems incorporating SATO’s world-leading barcode printers. “We are extremely happy about the marriage of SATO and PJM RFID Technology – it all came together in a way customers such as Stryker, receive all the benefits,” said Andrew Southcott, Director of Altrax Group, “There is really no other way of doing this and there is no doubt that what was achieved in Australia with PJM RFID for the orthopaedic implant field, will simply repeat itself in the UK and other countries across Europe.”

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