SATO releases White Paper on Track & Trace Solutions for the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industries


Counterfeit drugs entering the supply chain is a growing problem around the world causing the erosion of bottom lines for many pharmaceutical companies.  Consumer and patient safety is crucially important within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries; therefore, SATO, an international leader in the Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) industry and a leader in barcode printing, labelling, and EPC/RFID solutions has released its latest white paper advising on best practice traceability solutions for healthcare and pharmaceutical companies.

The whitepaper ‘Track/Trace Solutions for the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industries’, available on SATO’s website, advises the healthcare and pharmaceutical companies that in order to ensure the integrity of pharmaceutical drugs as they move from manufacturing to the consumer and also to improve the productivity and profitability of all stakeholders, track and trace solutions, including barcoding and RFID technologies, must be implemented as soon as possible.

The whitepaper pays particular attention to the pharmaceutical supply chain and their role in investing in the automated process of track and trace accountability. The whitepaper covers aspects included in a track and trace solution, product efficiencies of track and trace solutions, product logistic and warehousing support values, and value propositions applied to local regulatory compliance.

Commenting on the white paper Brian Lang, SATO International Europe’s Managing Director said:

“SATO’s barcode and RFID track and trace solutions can help those in the pharmaceutical industry to not only save time, reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve productivity; it can also help to increase consumer safety by eliminating the opportunities for counterfeit drugs to enter the supply chain. This white paper will be useful for anyone looking to find out more on how SATO can provide its innovative range of products and wealth of expertise to ensure best practice in their organisation”.

For more information on SATO’s range of solutions for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors and to download the white paper please visit:

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