SATO to attend conference on Lean Management in Valladolid, Spain - July 4th 2012


SATO, a leader in barcode printing, labelling and EPC/RFID solutions, is attending a conference on the concept of Lean Management and how technology can be used to improve productivity, in Valladolid, Spain on July 4th. Conferences and workshops have been organised by LUCE IT, a technological consulting service which specialises in helping companies to improve their business efficiency, and by SATO who will be supporting the event by sharing its expertise on product traceability, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Valladolid.

Participants in the conference include decision makers from companies in the food, manufacturing, retail and service sector industries, who are looking for ways to reduce losses and increase efficiency in their entire production process. At the conference, a range of professionals will give presentations in which they share their vision and experience on how to utilise Lean Management technology in small to medium size companies, and will examine the role the technology can play in optimising productivity at all levels in a company.

SATO will also be participating in the conference by giving a presentation in which Oriol Navarro, Presales Engineer at SATO Iberia, will discuss the concept of “Implementing visual management through product identification for perfect control, management and traceability of the production process”. He will demonstrate that SATO is able to offer technical solutions that can improve productivity and will also provide the audience with examples of companies which SATO has helped to improve production efficiency.

Oriol Navarro’s presentation will also examine how SATO’s traceability and product identification solutions can be used as part of a strategy to optimise results and ensure clients are provided with the best service and standards. His presentation will demonstrate how SATO’s labelling and automatic identification solutions utilise data in real time to quickly help users to identify, track and manage products, people and assets, therefore adding value to customers’ businesses. Through the demonstration of its various automatic identification solutions, SATO is seeking to share its belief that technology has a major role to play in the concept of Lean Management.

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