Whitepaper: Testing of SATO's Antimicrobial Wristbands

Your patients are individuals. We understand that there is no one-size-fits all solution to ensuring their safety and that's why we've developed five patient ID wristband solutions for optimum flexibility delivering error-free, accurate identification data.

SATO has been involved in the development of straightforward and fail-safe solutions for positive patient identification for over two decades, working with hospitals and healthcare organisations to produce patient ID wristbands that are fit for specific environments and stay durations.


What can you expect from this whitepaper?

These White Papers will present in detail the laboratory testing completed on SATO direct thermal and thermal transfer wristbands. SATO Printing Co., Ltd and independent laboratories performed extensive testing on SATO’s direct thermal and thermal transfer wristband line-up to evaluate the following:

  • Print Durability and Base Material Resistance
  • Data Conservation based on real study (bar code readability)
  • Skin Irritation

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Whitepaper: Patient ID Wristbands