SATO printing solutions…the right medication to the right patient at the right time! 



SATO, a pioneer in the Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) industry and a
leader in barcode printing, labelling, and EPC/RFID solutions provides solutions to healthcare that are based on absolute positive identification of patients, medications, specimens and samples, treatments, lab results and records. Positive identification protects patient safety and helps avoid medical errors, while increasing hospital’s productivity and reducing their costs. 

SATO printers can print industry-compliant barcode symbologies and formats. They are designed for use in environments that require high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. The SATO labels, ribbons and wristbands are tested to withstand environment challenges: contacts with body fluids, blood, xylene and virtually every kind of chemicals and water as well as extreme cold and heat.  

SATO Healthcare ID Solutions™ key applications 

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  • Fail-safe tracking systems for Phlebotomy, 
  • Histopathology, Pathology
  • Logistics and supply chain solutions
  • Out-patient queue-busting
  • Asset tracking
  • Bed management
  • Patient event-tracking
  • RFID (Radio frequency) solutions

    The new ISB1077 wristband specification

    All hospitals should be using the new wristband data standard before October 2013. SATO's wristband printing application conforms to the ISB1077 specification and is accredited by the GS1 UK Standards Organisation.

Antibacterial Patient ID wristbands in all sizes. 
Soft, comfortable to wear and latex-free.

Electronic Scanning of high capacity barcodes produce positive associations between patient, drugs, tissue
samples etc.

The Right blood to the Right Patient providing data capture and patient identification working with blood products tracking systems.

Accurate and clear label information printed beside the patient with date and time recording. Eliminating the risks inherent in hand-written labels.

Antibacterial encased printers produce clear and resilient images on labels and wristbands while reducing cross-contamination and infections.

Secure Logistics and Supply Chain tracking systems employing recommended GS1 guidelines.

State-of-the-art RFID patient ID and Logistics tracking from SATO, an EPC Global Solutions Provider

Accurate drug labelling, tracking and dispensing systems.
The Government incorporates systems for security, healthcare, retail, logistics, transportation, law enforcement, food service and distribution, and the like.
From identifying and tracking assets, to managing public safety, medical records, library books, voter IDs and revenue collection Government agencies need and require an incredible amount of solutions to increase efficiency, improve productivity, decrease waste, and reduce costs. SATO printing solutions help the Government and the tax payers by reducing costs and waste!

The complete SATO product line includes direct thermal and thermal transfer printers, OEM print engines, printer accessories, label design software, labels and thermal transfer ribbons and is covered under the SATO GSA contract.  
  • MEDIS Case StudyCanada's Medis increases shipping productivity and inventory control accuracy with barcode-based automated warehouse
  • Patient EducationInteractive pre-procedure education tool increases patient knowledge, reduces patient anxiety and improves patient-provider interaction
  • Pharmaceutical Testing Laboratory Eliminates Manual LabelingPharmaceutical Testing Laboratory Eliminates Manual Labeling Automated solution saves time, labor for pharmaceutical testing facility
  • PathWest Laboratory MedicinePathWest Laboratory Medicine WA provides pathology testing, teaching and research to service the residents of Western Australia.