Handheld Labelling Systems

Over 50 Years Success since 1962! 

Having developed the first hand labellers, SATO continues to manufacture the most robust and user friendly products and labels for all applications.

Our own studio can design labels customised for your business to be manufactured in our UK factory.

Alternatively we have a large range of plain or pre-printed labels in our stock for immediate delivery.

SATO offers a wide range of labellers that can print on one, two or three lines and are ideal for both small and large volumes.

Handheld machines are commonly used for the labelling and pricing of merchandise and are available in different models to suit your needs.

Prijstange van SATO

Our Handheld Labelling Systems are suitable for a range of applications, including:
  • In-store pricing
  • Discount pricing
  • Use-by dates
  • Best Before
  • Quality Control
  • Batch numbering
  • Date of manufacture
  • Product code
  • Serial numbering
  • SKU codes