Labels & Ribbons

High Quality Labels, Tickets, Wristbands, Cards, Receipt Paper and Ribbons

What types of media supplies does SATO provide?

  • General Labels and Custom-made labels (self-adhesive/ pressure sensitive)
  • Tags (Non-Adhesive / Non-supported Card board or film)
  • Carbon Ribbons
  • RFID Labels & Tags
  • Specialty Labels & Tags, e.g. Wristbands, Horticulture labels & tags, Flag Tag, Linerless label

The SATO labelling solutions are tailored to your unique needs: be it a special size, a special adhesive or a special material.


SATO labels are produced in-house using the highest quality materials to ensure optimum performance.

Our expertise in label design ensures quality when you require pre-printed information such as company logos, addresses and corporate images.

SATO offers Direct Thermal Labels, Thermal Transfer Labels & Synthetic Film Labels that are specially manufactured to complement the features of SATO printers. To ensure quality service and minimize downtime, our regional offices always carry ready stock for the most commonly used labels in the market.

Pre-printed / specially designed Labels
SATO is also able to design and print labels (e.g. for compliance, seal purposes, etc.) for you, with our pool of label designers. SATO is also able to help you when you require pre-printed information such as company logos or addresses or even corporate images.

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SATO Thermal Transfer Ribbons are not only specially designed to ensure optimum performance but it is also continuously tested to ensure maximum print performance from your SATO printer, and longevity from your print head. Choose from our range of resin, wax/resin and wax ribbons.

"Resin" is ideal for extreme conditions such as asset labelling due to the unique resistance to most solvents including alcohol, oils, fats, etc.

"Wax/resin" is a general-purpose ribbon which contains some wax, thereby enabling it to be resistant to some solvents.

The "wax" ribbon is ideal as a low-cost solution for relatively rougher media surface printing. Best of all, SATO ribbons even come in a variety of colours to match your media application needs!

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