For fast, flawless barcode label printing to go, look no further than SATO’s MB2i and MB4i series of printers. These ergonomic wonders are ideal for Mobile Printing, Receipt Printing, Price Marking, Specimen Labelling, Route Accounting, Shelf Labelling and Point of Sale applications.

 MB2 Series


MB4 Series 


MB2 Series

2" Mobile Printer


MB4 Series

4" Mobile Printer

- Lightweight and durable 
- Easily replace media and batteries 
- Multiple connection options: Bluetooth, serial, 802.11b/g, IrDA 
- 802.11b/g models equipped with an LCD screen
- High capacity battery enables longer usage time 
- Anti-microbial casing 

- Light industrial design
- Easily replace media and batteries
- 203 & 305 dpi resolution
- Multiple connection options: USB, Bluetooth, serial, 802.11b/g, IrDA
Auto power-save and programmable switch-off
- Anti-microbial casing