Offering many of the same benefits as our premium TT wristband, the DT solution is a cost-effective alternative that's ideal for patients who will be in hospital for one week or less.

The wristband is safe and comfortable for the wearer, having been certified as a non-cytotoxic and non-irritant material. This certification, based on ISO standards has been awarded following rigorous testing in laboratory conditions. In addition, the embossed wristband material is resistant to the harsh hospital environment yet gentle on the skin.

Convenient for nursing staff, the wristband is printed using direct thermal technology, which removes the need for a ribbon. This method delivers a high-quality print that retains the patient's information securely on the label for the duration of their stay.

Closure is achieved with either clip or adhesive (with tamper proof system) options. Both options are designed to prevent transference of the wristband, maintaining patient security at all times.

Adult Wristbands

Child & Infant Wristbands
  • Adult adhesive
  • Adult clip

  • Child clip thin
  • Child clip large
  • Child adhesive