The SATO ECO wristband is a reliable and cost effective solution for patients undertaking short hospital stays of up to 3 days. Convenient direct thermal printing negates the requirement for a ribbon, printing crisp and durable patient information onto a soft, synthetic wristband.

For patient comfort, the wristband material is hypoallergenic and latex free. In addition, its water, soap and solvent resistance properties ensure the patient's data retains a high, legible quality for the duration of their stay. The wristband has also been certified as a non-cytotoxic and non-irritant material under ISO standards, having been rigorously tested in laboratory conditions.

For hospital employees' peace of mind, the wristband is available with two closure options, clip (for adults) and clip or adhesive with tamper evidence system (for adults and infants). This feature guarantees that the data collected from the patient on admission is non-transferable.

Adult Wristbands

Child & Infant Wristbands

  • Adult adhesive
  • Adult clip

  • Child & Infant adhesive