The SATO laser wristband comes in a handy A4 sheet format for quick and easy use in existing laser ink-jet printers. Convenient for nursing staff, each pack contains 250 sheets, with each sheet containing 16 self-adhesive labels.

The self-adhesive feature enables tamper proof closure, which guarantees that the correct data remains secured to the right patient at all times. Robust enough to last up to one week and able to withstand hot water and soap, the labels are best suited to short-stay patients and outpatients. Our Laser Line wristband is also ideal for customers wishing to use their existing printers.

SATO laser wristbands are manufactured from soft, synthetic and latex-free material for patient comfort even in the shortest wear time. The wristbands are suitable for up to 1 week of use.

Adult Wristbands

Child & Infant Wristbands
  • Adult adhesive & 16 labels

  • Child adhesive & 16 labels
  • Infant adhesive (x2) & 16 labels