S84-ex & S86-ex Series | Features


The S84-ex and S86-ex print engine family cover the needs of 4" or 6" printing applications. Direct Thermal only model and Ribbon Saver model (S84-ex only) are available.
Key features of the new print engine:

  • Easy to use
  • Enhanced connectivity
  • Quick maintenance

Ease of Operation

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 2 colour LCD and LED - The 2 colour LCD and LED helps operators easily understand the status of the printers even if working away from the print and apply machines.
 Face in/Face out Ribbon support - No setting change required to use both face-in and face-out ribbons.
 Auto sensor Calibration Function - No sensor level required.
Ease of setting, download and upload

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 Downloadable printer setting, font and firmware via SD/USB - allows customers to set up printers easily without software tools.

 Uploadable printer buffer data and operation log via SD/USB - Helps analyse print operations and trouble shooting.

 Remote printer setting:
   - Web browser
   - SATO All-in-One Utilities
   - SNMP (Release in early 2015)

Fast throughput and print speed

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 S84/86-ex has "best-in-class" print speed - Print speed up to 16 ips

 New printer circuit board - Increases first label print speed and overall throughput

Simple standalone mode

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 Upgraded simple standalone mode - This mode provides independent operation by LCD.
Environmentally friendly

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 Ribbon saver model - The ribbon saver function reduces the use of thermal transfer ribbon.

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Increased connectivity supports both legacy and future host environment

 Standard Multiple Interfaces - RS232C, IEEE1284, USB and LAN.

 Optional interfaces - Wireless LAN IEE 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth.

 D-SUB 25 pin External Signal Interface - Amphenol 14 pin conversion cable attached and NPN/PNP connection.
Standard Emulations Onboard

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 Standard Emulations on board - Supports SBPL, SZPL and SDPL and the LCD is selectable.
Multiple Language Support

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   Unicode - UTF8, UTF16, WGL4.

 Built-in Asian font support - simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Korean, Thai and Arabic.

 TTF Download function - 1 byte and 2 byte, max 11.7 MB capacity.

 Multi language LCD menu - 7 languages.
Ease of maintenance

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 Printhead replacement - No tools required for print head replacement. Opening cable cover helps to change from both front or side.

 Roller replacement - Locking slide cover allows for fast and easy replacement of rollers.

 Backing side structure - Convenient access to printer circuit board, gears and power supply. The revised layout provides more room for easier maintenance to the backside.

 Sensor cover - Non stick surface. Prevents label jams and tool-less design makes cover removal and clean easy.

 Gearbox Design - Universal gearbox supports all print resolution and reduces inventory to simplify the process.

Durable design

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 Strong against vibration and static - Anti vibration and static design protect power supply and main boards. Allowing the print engine to tolerate harsh environments.

 Reinforced belt design - The new belt and gear design reduce the belt wear and increase durability.