NiceLabel Upgrade and Support


NiceLabel has launched its latest version of NiceLabel 2017 on 12th July 2016. If you are an existing user of NiceLabel V6.x and Automation V1.x, please take note of the following key dates and options for upgrade and support available to you.


Existing V6.x and Automation V1.x users to upgrade to NiceLabel 2017:

Deadline Action
End Date of SMA Free upgrade for users with a valid Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) purchased
30th June 2017 Existing users can purchase an SMA at a special price and receive a free upgrade to NiceLabel 2017 version
N.A. Existing users can still upgrade to NiceLabel 2017 at a discounted upgrade price if an SMA is not required

Sales and technical support for current V6 and V1 products:

Deadline Action
30th June 2017    Sale of NiceLabel V6.x ends
31st Dec 2016           Sale of Automation V1.x, Control Center (Pro, Enterprise) V6.x ends 
31st Dec 2018 Technical support for V6.x and V1.x products ends

*Please check with your local SATO office or SATO business partner for details
Feel free to contact us should you have any enquiry.

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