Unicode for SATO printers

What is Unicode?

A computing industry standard for the consistent encoding, representation and handling of text expressed in most of the world's writing systems.

Some key points of Unicode:
- Encoding all of the characters used in major languages in the world
- Unicode 6.2 supports more than 110,000 characters covering 100 scripts
- Unicode is evolving constantly and adding more characters and scripts
Unicode is very usefull for the IT-world, for example:
- Exporting industries to other countries
- Printer applicators or machinery exported to other regions
- Centralised databases installed/stored  in other countries
- Too many characters in the different regions
- Customer wants to use own fonts
Codepages that are supported:
CP 1252 MS Win. Western European CP 737 DOS: Greek
CP 1250 MS Win. Central European CP 850 DOS: European
CP 1251 MS Win. Cyrillic CP 852 DOS: East European
CP 1253 MS Win. Greek CP 855 DOS: Cyrillic
CP 1254 MS Win. Turkish CP 857 DOS: Turkish
CP 1255 MS Win. Hebrew CP 858 DOS: European
CP 1256 MS Win. Arabic CP 862 DOS: Hebrew
CP 1257 MS Win. Baltic CP 864 DOS-PC: Arabic
ISO 8859-1: Latin1 Western Europe
CP 866 DOS-PC: Cyrillic 2
ISO 8859-2: Latin 2 CP 869 DOS-PC: IBM Greek 2
ISO 8859-9: Latin 5
Printers that are Unicode compliant:
- GL4e Series
- GZ4e Series
- CL4e Series
- CL6e Series
- GT4e Series
- M84Pro
- M5900RVe

- MB2 Series
- MB4 Series
- CG2 Series
- CG4 Series
- CT4i Series

- TH2 Series

Print Engines:
- M84Se
- Lt408
- S84