Linux & Mac OS Drivers. SATO CUPS Driver

The SATO CUPS Driver was developed to allow the users to print labels from Linux and Mac OS X system to the SATO printer.

This driver is based on CUPS printing system for Linux and Mac OS X.
All the device communications are handled by CUPS (backend). The raster filter converts the CUPS raster graphic into SBPL (SATO Barcode Programming Language) which the SATO printer can understand. For an instance, if the user prints a label, the raster filter converts the graphic into SBPL command which will be send to the printer together with the printer options.

Currently SATO CUPS Driver for Linux supports below models.

  • CL4NX, CL4NX-J Series 
  • CL6NX, CL6NX J Series
  • CG2 Series
  • CG4 Series
  • CT4i Series
  • CL4e Series
  • CL6e Series 
  • M84Pro Series
  • M84xxSe Series
  • GZ4e Series
  • S84-ex Series
  • S86-ex Series

The SATO CUPS Driver will be undergoing continual refinement, and it is expected that other SATO printer models will be supported in future.

For Linux platform, SATO has provided 3 packages such as .rpm, .deb and .tar.gz. The .rpm file is the installer for Red Hat like system (ex. Fedora). The .deb is for Debian system (ex. Ubuntu) and you can use the tar.gz for generic distribution installation. Please find the download links below:

Click here to download the latest versions of SATO CUPS Drivers

Please contact SATO for more information