SATO Alerte

Complementing the SOS solution, SATO Alerte is a secure asset management system that sends accurate printer data based on pre-set parameters to internal and/or external service teams or individuals via email. Recipients can then use the data, which highlights issues such as preventative maintenance opportunities and stock replenishment requirements, to streamline operations and eliminate downtime.

Alerte technology communicates with recipients via the customers’ email network and is visible to IT management as a regular user sending daily emails. For optimum security, Alerte features a firewall setting and in addition, printer access to the email network can be restricted to outgoing emails only. For convenience, the SATO Alerte is compatible with the SATO NX series of industrial printers & SATO FX3 series of standalone printers with a LAN or WLAN connection.

Providing regular notifications and reminders for inspection and cleaning touchpoints, the Alerte system removes the risk of human error when scheduling preventative maintenance measures. The system also updates email recipients with real-time printer status items, such as capacity and expendable parts, so that any issues can be intercepted before they cause an operational issue.

Notification emails are sent specifically to the person they relate to, reducing unnecessary communications for optimum efficiency. For example, service maintenance managers, production line managers and external maintenance engineers will only receive notifications and reminders that apply directly to their area of expertise.

A range of Alerte packages are available for SATO customers.

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  • Secure system with firewall setting, can be restricted to outgoing emails only
  • Provides targeted email notifications and reminders to allocated recipients
  • Pinpoints potential issues in real-time
  • Keeps operations running and eliminates unplanned downtime
  • Enables on the spot-troubleshooting, without the need for an engineer on-site
  • Allows user to visualise and plan replacement of parts
  • Compatible with the SATO NX series of industrial label printers & SATO FX3 series of standalone label printers