SATO SOS is a cloud-based system that connects SATO NX & FX3 printers with SATO, sharing information that enables remote preventative maintenance and error detection without the need for an on-site engineer. Through online connectivity, the status of multiple printers is monitored, pro
actively preventing costly downtime and associated loss of revenue.

In addition, the system tracks daily data across multiple units and locations, allowing printer maintenance technicians to offer efficiency improvement recommendations. A broad range of data is collected, including: serial number, location, status of expendable parts, systems information and error logs.

SOS data helps customers to streamline their operations. For example, printer allocation and the need for additional printers, part replacement, stock replenishment and printer errors can all be identified in real-time. This allows managers and engineers to act with preventative measures and keep operations running. Before SOS, operational challenges could only be identified as they occurred, resulting in unplanned downtime.

The SOS solution is capable of operating in two modes: ‘real time’ that monitors the printer online (and communicates via MQTT and HTTPS encrypted data) and ‘on-demand’ that requires no internet connection. Currently offered with real-time mode, the solution will soon be available in on-demand mode as an alternative for operations without an internet connection or those operating under strict security protocols.

Using on-demand mode will be made easy for users with a dedicated app that enables the scanning of a 2D barcode, displayed on the printer LCD, with a smartphone. The user can simply send data to the cloud from their mobile device to generate maintenance support.

A range of SOS packages are available for SATO customers.

Please contact the team for more information on SATO SOS remote preventative maintenance packages.

  • Manages operation status of printers on Cloud for global operations
  • Provides access to printer status data for users
  • Allows remote firmware updates of printers to add new features
  • Substantially reduces amount of time required to pinpoint problems
  • Keeps operations running and eliminates unplanned downtime
  • Allows notification of errors
  • Enables on the spot troubleshooting, without the need for an engineer on-site
  • Allows user to visualise and plan replacement of parts
  • Compatible with the SATO NX series of industrial label printers & FX3 series of standalone label printers