All-in-One Tool

SATO Printer Management Utility

SATO’s new All-In-One printer management utility allows users to seamlessly configure their SATO products across their system-wide infrastructure. Whether the printer is connected, parallel, serial, USB, Ethernet or wirelessly, we give you access to local or networked SATO printers so that you can easily configure them to meet your needs. All you’ll need is any Windows PC connected to your network or any standalone Windows PC environment for this one stop configuration tool.

All-in-One Tool Software Package

Download the All-in-One Tool Software
Version 1.15.4 without .NET Framework Redistributable Package
All-in-One Tool Release note Download
All-in-One Tool User Manual (English) Download

.Net Framework Package (optional)

Download the .Net Framework Redistributable Package Download
Enable .Net framework in Windows Document Download

The SATO All-In-One application was developed to achieve the following goals:

Diagram showing how the SATO all-in-one application works

The SATO All-In-One allows you to actively manage your SATO products from one place with features such as: