SATO firmly believes that the most important asset of any business is its people. At SATO, you will be part of an inclusive, equal-opportunity workplace environment that will challenge you in positive ways, and constantly encourage and empower you to succeed.

As we embrace a new era where competition is no longer limited by geography or industry, the know-how, knowledge and experience that you can bring will provide us with necessary edge to grow and continue to be successful.

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SATO Core Competencies

Collaboration icon


What it means?

Encourage open expression of ideas; communicate effectively at all levels and build strong relationships.

How to succeed:

  • We provide reasons behind decisions to all relevant parties in a timely manner
  • We listen well to understand instead of reacting fast
  • We communicate clearly, respectfully and with conviction, always keeping in mind the cultural differences of our various recipients
  • We actively engage individuals and teams beyond normal comfort zones to consider diverse points of view
  • We build strong relationships at all levels
  • We work across formal and informal networks in the matrix to get things done
Creative Thinking icon

Creative Thinking

What it means?

Look at things differently- think out of the box; devise new ways of working to improve productivity and bring up new perspectives in the workplace.

How to succeed:

  • We discover opportunities and solutions for problems by looking beyond current practices and using innovative thinking
  • We generate new ideas and concepts that are bringing forward the company
  • We are willing to take risks and try out different approaches when it impedes performance and offers alternatives
  • We question the status quo if we feel the need of improvement
Trustworthiness & Ethics icon

Trustworthiness & Ethics

What it means?

Be a partner of trust and integrity to internal as well as external partners.

How to succeed:

  • We are consistent in our word and actions
  • We share information accurately, completely and appropriately
  • We enjoy what we do
  • We are open and honest at all times
  • We demonstrate commitment to assignments and policies through our actions
  • We show respect to feelings, thoughts and actions from others, both within SATO and outside of SATO
Customer Orientation icon

Customer Orientation

What it means?

The ability to demonstrate concern for satisfying one’s external and/or internal customers.

How to succeed:

  • We proactively engage with customers in order to know their needs at all times
  • We identify how solutions can be changed or improved in order to increase the customer satisfaction
  • We address conflicts or difficulties with customers before the problems escalate
  • We listen carefully to our customers to be able to provide them with the correct requirements
  • We are doers and make things happen

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