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European Consumables Program

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100% Recycled Vellum

Range of label sizes produced using SATO products

Welcome to our enhanced European Consumables Program (ECP) – Now showcasing labels meticulously crafted from 100% recycled paper! In our unwavering commitment to sustainability and a greener label industry, SATO has taken a momentous step by transitioning all standard materials used in our ECP program to paper sourced from 100% recycled fibers.

By becoming a part of our ECP program, you become an active partner in our mission to shrink the carbon footprint* within the label industry, all while maintaining the exceptional quality of your labels, ensuring impeccable printing results, and enjoying pricing on par with standard paper.

*Experience a noteworthy 15 to 20% reduction in carbon emissions, depending on the product. Moreover, witness a significant decrease in water consumption and energy usage during the label production process. Join us in our eco-friendly journey today!

Our Value Proposition

Keeping Printing Quality with 100% Recycled Materials. SATO is offering all the advantages of our previous ECP program, but with a stronger commitment to environmental sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Experience print quality with the all-new European Consumables Program (ECP) by SATO. Our labels are now exclusively crafted from 100% recycled materials, ensuring both performance and a greener choice. We absorb the extra cost of using recycled paper as a contribution to a more sustainable industry.

What's even better?

Reduced CO2 Emissions, water and energy consumption. ECP significantly lowers your carbon footprint, thanks to our commitment to 100% recycled materials and also requires way less water and energy during the production process. Make a positive environmental impact while enjoying top print quality.

Competitive Pricing: We offer cost-effective solutions, ensuring you receive outstanding quality without breaking the bank.

Produced In-House: Our labels are proudly manufactured right here in Europe, using the highest quality materials to guarantee optimum performance.

Committed to CSR, ESG, and SDGs. We are not just about labels; we are dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Choosing ECP means aligning your business with these critical global initiatives, making a positive impact while achieving your labelling needs.

Minimal Packaging Waste and Flexibility: We pride ourselves on being flexible, allowing customers to place orders for as little as a single box. Our program is tailored perfectly for small requests, ensuring that you get precisely what you need without excess inventory.

Choose ECP by SATO for exceptional printing quality, a greener approach to labelling, and reduced CO2 emissions. Make a sustainable statement with every label.

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SATO labels are produced using the highest quality materials to ensure optimum performance, and our expertise guarantees excellent consistency from start to finish.

Our ECP labels portfolio includes different sizes, facing materials and adhesives all available and ready for immediate dispatch with a minimum order quantity of just one box.

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Stack of Direct Thermal label rolls

Direct Thermal (DT) Labels

DT labels offer a high-quality barcode printing solution for numerous applications. Unlike thermal transfer printing, direct thermal does not require a thermal ribbon. Instead, the process uses heat to start the chemical reaction within the labels themselves. The image is formed directly on the printed material so that provides a more cost-effective solution.

DT printing produces sharp print quality with good scannability, meaning the labels are perfect for short term usage, including barcodes or shipping labels, which don’t require resistance to environmental conditions. Work with Industrial, Desktop and Mobile Printers.

THERMAL ECO - uncoated, basic thermal material for cost-efficient labelling that doesn’t require environmental resistance. Our ECP range includes unique label sizes for compatible shipping labels.

THERMAL TOP - Top materials have a specific top coating to act as a barrier against plasticisers, oils, humidity or smudging. Topcoat layer is protected on the printer side of the label to provide higher image stability, excellent scanning properties and good scratch resistance.


Thermal transfer label roll

Thermal Transfer (TT) Labels

Thermal Transfer Labels utilise a ribbon that when heated by the printhead melts onto the label to create the image. The ink is absorbed so that the image becomes part of the media. When matched with suitable media, TT technology is not only impervious to heat and moisture, but the image can’t be rubbed off, making the printed label the most durable on the market.

By selecting the right media-ribbon combination, as well as speciality adhesive, users can create archival-quality labels to withstand temperature extremes, scratches, UV exposure, chemicals, sterilisation and more.

VELLUM - Vellum Paper Labels are a smart and economical choice with very high print quality and scanning characteristics, so the image is long-lasting and durable. These uncoated labels are multi-purpose and are particularly suitable for a wide range of applications. Vellum is an excellent economical material choice and offers exceptional print results.



You can choose from our selection of thermal transfer ribbons, which are designed to maximise the life of your printheads and provide consistent print quality.

All of SATO’s ribbons are halogen-free, demonstrating our commitment to green initiatives and safety.

Our ECP Ribbons portfolio includes different sizes available and ready for immediate dispatch.

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Range of ribbons


Our exclusive line of wax ribbons offers excellent print quality for a variety of applications. Wax is ideal for general-purpose use and provides the best possible value.

Download SWX-100 (flat head) Datasheet

Wax / Resin

Wax-resin is a versatile, multi-purpose ribbon for challenging environments. The mix of wax and resin gives the printer an ability to print on other materials such as synthetics, coated or glossy paper stocks as well as protect against chemicals, smudge and smearing.

Download SWR-100 (flat head) Datasheet


Resin is the best ribbon for extreme environments, where high-quality images and resistance against scratch, smudge, heat, liquid or chemicals is essential. Resin ribbons are commonly used with synthetic labels, as they do not print well on paper labels.

Download SRS-100 (flat head) Datasheet

If you don’t know which consumables would suit your applications best, don’t worry!

For decades, SATO has designed and developed a leading range of thermal printers - so we know them inside and out. Our team rigorously tests all material and ribbon combinations to ensure high print quality, durability and maximum printhead life.

We are leaders in delivering variable print excellence. It is all about YOU & YOUR unique needs! Our experts understand your business and will help you choose the right consumable solution for your application and to identify the specific label volumes and quantities required to create personalised packages that are tailored to distinct operational needs.

The program is designed to benefit several core industries including:

The SATO commercial team partners with businesses to identify the specific label volumes and quantities required to create personalised packages that are tailored to operational business needs. This allows our partners to reduce waste and carbon emissions while maximising long term productivity.

To find out more about the European Consumables Program or to receive free samples, contact the SATO team today.

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