Imagine, for a moment, products without identification…

Akunaki sozo - Ceaseless Creativity

If products had no information tagged to them, would you be able to ship and move them around? Absolutely not. Information is the vehicle that runs our businesses and lives. We utilise vast amounts of information with our mobile devices and by scanning two-dimensional codes tagged to products.

As IoT and Big Data adoption grows, we will see more goods connected to the Internet, making our lives far more convenient than ever. But for such a world to function seamlessly, someone has to do the physical work on that final leg of connection - tagging information to goods and linking it accurately to systems. This is the domain where SATO plays.


We aim to be the leader and most trusted company in the Auto-ID solutions industry worldwide, exceeding customer expectations in an ever-changing world.

As digital advances and automation affect the world around us, we continually seek new ways to stay ahead of the game. Integrating Auto-ID technology with revolutionary materials, we bridge the last inch of the last mile challenges for our customers to ensure accuracy and sustainability, save labour and resources, offer reassurance and build emotional connections.


To create new value for our customers through products and services of superior quality and to contribute towards a better and more sustainable world.

Values - Our Credo

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