In over 80 years, SATO has fostered a culture of professionalism and customer-centric innovation with an unchanging mission of value creation for customers that, in turn, contributes to a more sustainable world.


Akunaki sozo - Ceaseless Creativity

Our calling

Akunaki sozo (ceaseless creativity)

Our corporate motto, Ceaseless Creativity, was conceived by our founder in 1969 in the belief that individuals and corporations equally bear the mission to serve society through self-improvement.


SATO - Powered On Site

Our promise

Powered On Site expresses SATO’s promise to deliver operational innovations by understanding the essence of the issues with our own eyes and ears, and making proposals that generate operational improvements across the supply chain for businesses in various industries.


By gaining deep insights into customer sites, we hone our professionalism. By facing and solving each and every nagging issue on site, we refine our know-how and gain the ability to move the world from the workplace. We take new challenges to build a future that is both prosperous and sustainable. Our slogan captures this passion and will.


The angular line expresses forward motion and momentum towards the future with a challenger spirit, while the bold accent stresses the source of our value creation — our customers' sites of operation.


Why we exist

Our mission is to create new value for our customers through products and services of superior quality, and to contribute towards a better and more sustainable world.


Where we are heading

To be the customer’s most trusted partner for mutual growth, and always essential in an ever-changing world.

Our code of conduct

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