SATO Europe Revolutionises Selmark’s Supply Chain with Advanced RFID Retail Solution


SATO Europe Revolutionises Selmark’s Supply Chain with Advanced RFID Retail Solution

SATO, a leader in auto-ID and labelling solutions, is proud to announce a significant advancement in supply chain management through a strategic partnership with JSV, implementing a comprehensive RFID solution at Selmark, a leading lingerie manufacturer. This collaboration has modernised Selmark’s production and distribution processes, ensuring operational improvements to enable it to consistently deliver high-quality products to customers.

The implementation began with a deep understanding of Selmark’s existing systems, challenges, and specific needs. Leveraging our expertise and data-driven insights, SATO designed a tailored solution to meet these requirements. Central to this solution is SATO’s CL4NX Plus printer, renowned for its RFID encoding capabilities. Integrated with Vamos Cloud by SATO, this advanced printer operates autonomously without the need for additional devices, with the encoding process controlled from Vamos Cloud and relevant product info accessible throughout the supply chain.

Key Highlights:

Driving Efficiency and Accuracy

Selmark’s commitment to enhancing efficiency and accuracy in its supply chain was evident from the start. Diego Piñeiro, responsible for innovation and organisation at Selmark, highlighted the transformative impact of RFID technology. “The technology is a differentiating factor that can allow us to gain a competitive advantage. We have managed to increase the capacity of picking and dispatch by 30 percent, which is a very notable figure,” said Piñeiro.

This capacity increase is one of the many benefits Selmark has realised. The RFID system tracks all processes accurately, significantly reducing errors and ensuring products arrive in the best possible condition. This enhanced precision and reliability have become critical components of Selmark’s competitive edge in the market.

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

Ensuring seamless integration with existing systems was key to the implementation. Diana Fuertes, Director of Communication and Marketing at JSV, explained, “Selmark contacted us to simplify the processes of goods entry and exit. From JSV, we proposed Vamos Cloud by SATO, a robust RFID solution.”

This integration allowed Selmark to leverage RFID technology fully, ensuring that inventory data was connected across the supply chain for real-time tracking and error reductions and direct access via the ERP system, which have been game-changers for the company.

Scalability and Flexibility

One of the key advantages of the RFID solution is its scalability and flexibility. Diego Piñeiro emphasised, “We can start with a small project, integrate it, and then expand it and scale it to the entire value chain.” This flexibility allows Selmark to adapt to changing market demands and scale operations without significant disruptions.

The RFID system also provides enhanced security and visibility throughout the supply chain. “We have gained security and have all the information at all times where everything is, so we have reduced errors that occurred previously,” said Piñeiro.

Improved Processes and Efficiency

Araceli, the Warehouse Coordinator at Selmark, shared her insights on the technology’s impact on daily operations. “The current technology has improved our processes and when doing repacking lists or picking, it’s much easier for us,” she said. This improvement in efficiency has streamlined operations and enhanced overall warehouse productivity.

Broader Impact on the Retail Industry

The successful implementation of RFID technology at Selmark represents the broader impact RFID can have on the retail industry. As retailers seek ways to improve efficiency, accuracy and visibility in their supply chains, RFID technology offers a powerful solution.

By adopting RFID, retailers can achieve real-time inventory tracking, reduce errors and enhance customer satisfaction. The ability to track products throughout the supply chain ensures retailers can respond quickly to market demands, manage stock more effectively and reduce waste.

Gabriel Martinez, Business Development Manager of Retail and Apparel at SATO Europe, explained, “The Vamos Cloud RFID solution by SATO allows printers to operate autonomously. From Vamos Cloud, encoding begins, and then that encoding is used throughout the supply chain.”

As retail continues to evolve, the adoption of advanced technologies like RFID will become increasingly critical. For Selmark, the journey towards a more efficient and reliable supply chain has just begun, and the benefits of RFID technology will continue to drive their success in the competitive lingerie market.

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