SATO France Expands Production Facility in Templemars, France


Templemars, France, – SATO France S.A.S., a leader in the production of high-quality labels, is pleased to announce the expansion of its production facility in France.

This large-scale project is part of SATO’s commitment to optimizing production tools while promoting "Made in France" quality and adopting a sustainable and responsible approach.

SATO France has experienced an increase in demand of over three-fold since 2009. As part of its vision for continuous growth, it can further boost capacity by over 50 percent per year versus current levels as needed to meet demand.


The expansion includes the construction of a 450 m2 logistics warehouse dedicated to optimizing the flow of goods in a more logical and efficient manner by rethinking paper storage. Label converting equipment is now aligned with raw material exits at the back of the facility, and finished products can more smoothly be moved into storage.

The expansion gives SATO France 36 percent more storage spaces for raw materials and logistics, and a dynamic racking system to streamline its logistics.

As part of this expansion, it also implemented a centralized waste extraction system, improving working conditions for employees while increasing productivity.

In an effort to reduce its environmental footprint, SATO replaced an old gas boiler with a comprehensive air conditioning system for all facilities and installed four charging stations for hybrid vehicles, showing its commitment to energy transition.

“This expansion marks a significant milestone in our development strategy and strengthens our position as a leader in the high-quality label market,” explained Benoit Gourlay, Général Manager of SATO France, S.A.S. ”We take pride in our commitment to responsible production, prioritizing sustainability and demonstrating French expertise in label conversion.”

SATO France made machinery upgrades with the purchase of an ABG Omega Converter 530 in April 2023, which is installed in its new production workshop.

About SATO France S.A.S.
SATO France S.A.S. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SATO Holdings Corporation that was established in 1977. It operates in France and Maghreb countries to provide total end-to-end solutions for customers comprising the best SATO products integrated with offerings from partners.

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