Continuous Feed Laser Printers

Continuous Feed
Laser Printers

Fast, accurate and reliable flash fusion printer

SATO’s LP 100R industrial tractor feed laser printer is ideal for businesses that need to print large amounts of labels, tags, tickets or forms. The SATO LP 100R is designed for performance, reliability, ease-of-use, and low operating costs, handling a wide range of media from the thinnest labels to the thickest tag stocks.


  • High Performance Laser Imaging
  • Superior Print Quality
  • Fast - Prints Up to 100 ppm
  • 18-inch Wide Continuous Feed Web
  • Variable Print Resolution
  • Flexible Paper Handling
  • Straight Paper Path
  • Excellent Variable Data on Custom Tags, Labels and Forms
  • Increased Productivity
  • Flash Fusion Technology
  • Interactive Colour Touch Screen
  • User-Friendly Interface Holds up to 999 Configurations
  • Lower Cost Per Page
  • RoHS Compliant

The SATO LP 100R uses Variable Printing Resolution technology. This continuous form laser printer is able to shift on demand among five dpi levels - 240, 300, 400, 480 and 600 - to match your label or form requirements.

A straight paper path gives the LP 100R greater handling flexibility: it accepts heavy tag stock - up to 20 mil thick - and ultra-thin labels without tearing or peeling.

Simple & Easy Paper Loading

Loading paper is as simple as setting the forms on the wide-web tractor feed and pressing a button. The tractor handles forms up to 18" in width and the unit has a print width of 17" - enabling it to print on two letter-size forms simultaneously and deliver up to 100-page per minute speeds.

Printing RF-EAS Tags and Labels

The SATO LP 100R can print your customised data on Radio Frequency Electronic Article Surveillance (RF-EAS) tags and labels - with no risk of deactivation. With flash fusion technology, fuser pressure is eliminated and adjustable heat settings ensure that no melted adhesive drips into the printer. A clean printer means less downtime and more productivity.

The SATO LP 100R Colour Touch Screen

Commands sent to the LP 100R are made on a color touch-screen operator panel displaying a user-friendly interface. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) let an operator monitor the printer’s operation from a distance.

Largest Storage Capacity in its class - Handles Complicated Labels With Ease

The SATO LP 100R has the largest storage capacity in its class: an internal hard drive capable of holding up to 999 configurations - including formats, fonts and graphics - for fast recall. It also comes equipped with multiple disk drives to facilitate file transfers, enhancements and software updates.

Long-Lasting Toner Cartridges

Consumables for the LP 100R continuous form laser printer are designed for fewer user interventions and quick, easy replacement. The long-lasting toner cartridges - which help lower your cost per page - are reached via an exclusive toner access door, which allows the user to replace the toner while printing- less downtime.

Industry Applications for the SATO LP 100R Continuous Form Laser Printer

  • Price Labels
  • Apparel Tags
  • EAS Tags & Labels
  • Multipart Forms
  • Routing Labels
  • Mailing Labels
  • Report Printing

SATO also offers the world’s best apparel hangtag production system when the LP 100R is combined with the CS-9018 cutter/stacker.

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