EuroCIS 2024: let's relive it together!

21/03/24EuroCIS 2024: let's relive it together!

In the final days of February, Düsseldorf was the place to be! SATO Europe exhibited its latest advancements at EuroCIS, reaffirming its dedication to revolutionising the retail landscape. With a focus on enhancing operational efficiency, streamlining processes, and elevating customer experiences, SATO Europe's presence highlights its crucial role in shaping the future of retail through innovative technologies. The company's participation was distinguished by interactive presentations and hands-on demonstrations. SATO promoted the following solutions:

Application for goods receipt at a retail shop: Goods are to be labeled with RFID tags: 

  1. Cloud-based Solution: CL4NX Plus  

Using a Cipherlab terminal, a conventional EAN barcode label was scanned on the goods (Marco Polo Shirts). The captured data was sent to the sys-pro cloud. Subsequently, the sys-pro software solution delivers a complete dataset to the SATO CL4NX Plus printer (via LAN connection). This dataset ensures that an RFID label can be printed on the CL4NX Plus. This allows the goods to be labeled with RFID tags and sold in the store. The solution can also be used for relabeling goods that do not yet have an RFID label. With the CL4NX Plus, we also demonstrated the possibility of a customer-specific display. 

  1. Intelligence lies in the printer: CT4LX  

In this solution, all the intelligence lies in the printer. All store goods were preloaded into the printer. It would also be possible to link the printer to an external database, so that the item data can always be kept up to date. If RFID labels need to be printed, for example, because new goods are being delivered, the items can be easily selected on the printer - either via the printer's touchscreen or through a scanner. Once the correct item (correct size, color, etc.) has been found, the quantity is added and then the RFID label can be printed. The special feature here is that we have used dual-frequency labels, so that information is available simultaneously in the RFID UHF range and in the NFC area of the label. The NFC area can be read with any NFC-enabled device (mobile phone) and thus offers various possibilities for additional information or marketing. Great feature: All data printed on the labels can be intercepted by our SATO printer (CT4LX). This data can be saved for further processing or documentation via LAN connection/cloud, FTP server/other carrier. 

  1. Intelligence of the PW4NX 

To demonstrate that the PW4 NX can not only receive print data and print it but also that intelligent solutions are possible with AEP, we copied the pure read data to the Bluetooth interface of the printer using the Cipherlab RS35. Depending on whether it was the scanned EAN 13 or the read EPC from the UHF label, a different label was printed. 


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