Print, Tag, Win: SATO’s RFID Solution for Metal and Non-Metal Labels

09/05/24Print, Tag, Win: SATO’s RFID Solution for Metal and Non-Metal Labels


Modern apparel retail face complex challenges, including inventory management, online order fulfillment, and addressing dynamic customer expectations through technology adaptation. Success in this evolving landscape necessitates a stance toward open innovation, partnerships and digital transformation (DX), incorporating technologies such as Internet of Things, data analytics, and automation. The adaptation of these technologies, coupled with a focus on operational efficiency, is crucial for achieving success in the industry.


Business Challenge

A renowned global retailer of sporting goods, known for its range of products across sports and fitness categories faced significant hurdles with their inventory management. Managing an inventory across 200+ stores and two distribution centers proved to be challenging. These involved issues related to controlling inventory, optimising processes, and preventing losses. The company relied on barcoding methods and multiple devices for label production, which added complexity to its operations. To simplify their expanding operations, they recognised the need for a solution for managing their inventory.



To address these challenges, SATO successfully collaborated with four partners for software, readers, tags and serialisation. This collaborative effort utilised hardware RFID readers, specialised software, various tags, and SATO’s own RFID printer, the CL4NX Plus. The CL4NX Plus can handle both metallic and non-metallic RFID label printing by adding an RFID kit. With its built-in sensor, the CL4NX Plus ensures faster and more accurate reading of RFID IC chips compared to other printers. The ability to tag a diverse range of items, from non-metal ones like clothing and tennis balls to metal items like bicycles and dumbbells was essential.

*Actual compatibility may vary depending on the thickness of the RFID label, so please consult your sales representative.

Furthermore, SATO transformed the customer’s inventory system by replacing 1D barcodes like UPC (Universal Product Code) and EAN (European Article Number) with RFID EGP SGTIN (Serialised Global Trade Identification Number). This change allows for a more in-depth analysis, fostering sustainable growth for the customer. The key benefit is the ability to precisely identify each specific item, a significant improvement over the generalised identification in the previous system. This upgrade enables the customer to achieve clearer accuracy in both volume and individual items within their inventory.




CL4NX Plus Industrial Thermal Printer

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