SATO delivers smart maintenance label printing solution

27/09/17SATO delivers smart maintenance label printing solution

SATO, a global leader in the development of software and connectivity technology, has launched a pioneering remote preventative maintenance solution for European label printers to maximize machine uptime and reduce maintenance costs.

The advanced software, SOS (SATO Online Services) is cloud-based and has been developed to prevent printer issues before they arise by translating virtual data into actionable, trouble-shooting measures. It is the first time the technology has been made available in Europe.

Thierry Boutte, European Technical Manager at SATO Europe, said: “Operational downtime is a major concern for manufacturers. Unplanned maintenance is costly, both financially and in terms of productivity. This new solution from SATO has been designed to keep operations running smoothly through accurate data collection in real time.”

“No longer will customers have to wait for an on-site engineer to attend and identify an issue that has occurred. Instead, the data collected quickly identifies a potential problem and feeds this back to the maintenance team or production line engineer who can either proactively resolve it on-the-spot or schedule maintenance at a later date. Operations are more streamlined and costs associated with maintenance works are reduced significantly.”

SOS is compatible with the NX series of 4” and 6” industrial label printers currently used by SATO customers, as well as a new generation of mobile SATO printers that will be launched in 2018 to deliver optimum performance and functionality.

SOS is a cloud-based IoT-enabled system that can monitor multiple printers in several locations at any one time, enabling companies to share best practices between sites and drive up machine efficiency.

Data collected includes machine serial numbers, status of wear parts, system information and error logs. The solution can also identify where additional printers may be required to enhance productivity and optimize functionality. Additionally, firmware updates can be done remotely minimizing disruption to printer operation.

Currently available in real time mode, SATO Europe plans to roll-out an on-demand version of the SOS software in 2018. The on-demand version can work through a dedicated App and does not require an internet connection, making it ideal for companies operating under strict security protocols.

Customers can access the SOS solution through a service contract that embeds SOS as part of larger package. It is also available as a licensed solution for SATO partners.

Mr Boutte added: “This software solution adds value to all mission critical printing operations. SOS essentially puts a virtual customer engineer right on site at the point of printing.

“It demonstrates SATO Europe’s ability to deliver a new generation of predictive maintenance solutions to customers operating in the label printing sector.”

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