Streamlining Retail Operations with SATO’s RFID Solution

16/01/24Streamlining Retail Operations with SATO’s RFID Solution


Retailers are increasingly embracing RFID technology to revolutionize their operations and enhance supply chain efficiency. RFID's advantages in accurate apparel inventory management and stock replenishment have positioned it as the preferred choice for achieving enhanced inventory accuracy, loss prevention, and overall efficiency in the competitive retail industry.


Business Challenge

A retailer encountered challenges in achieving a balance between customer experience and efficient inventory management. To ensure sustainable growth, they recognized the need for operational transformation and labor-saving measures. Additionally, the growing importance of e-commerce compelled them to evolve their stores into distribution centers, facilitating direct product shipping to customers' homes. Addressing these issues became crucial in enhancing competitiveness and overall efficiency.


Solution SATO secured the project due to their exceptional ability to consult and address customer challenges with a labeling solution. Their key differentiator was offering a solution (“kotouri”) that didn't require partner system modification, setting them apart from others. To enhance operational efficiency, SATO implemented the CL4NX RFID printer, featuring AEP (Application Enabled Printing). This printer receives data for each item and possesses the capability to generate either an RFID tag or a barcode label tag as needed.


Additionally, SATO provided strong local support in the customer's language, emphasizing a focus on delivering solutions rather than mere product selling. With a global footprint and support, SATO's extensive worldwide partner network played a vital role in establishing a reliable local partner network for the project.



· Reduced stock-taking time by 95%

· Improved inventory accuracy

· Improved e-commerce business optimization

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