Supply Chain Snapshot #9: Weekly Industry Insights

17/06/24Supply Chain Snapshot #9: Weekly Industry Insights

Welcome to the ninth edition of "Supply Chain Snapshot," where we bring you the latest updates and innovations in supply chain management. This week, we are excited to introduce SATO Europe's new digital mascot, Printaro, designed to guide you through the world of supply chain management with ease.

Introducing Printaro: SATO's Friendly Digital Guide
Printaro is our new digital mascot aimed at enhancing your understanding of supply chain management. Check out the Printaro LinkedIn profile and read more about this exciting launch in our news article.

Our European team is also in Marrakech this week for Business Partner Day 2024, bringing together partners from across the continent to discuss and collaborate on future strategies.

UPS Healthcare Expands European Hub
UPS Healthcare is significantly boosting its capacity with the expansion of its European hub, enhancing its ability to meet growing demands for healthcare logistics. Read more.

Supply Chain Data as a Business Opportunity
Marsh highlights how data can transform supply chains from a risk management perspective into a business opportunity, emphasizing the strategic importance of robust data analytics. Learn more.

Top 10 Automotive Supply Chains
Supply Chain Digital lists the top 10 automotive supply chains, showcasing the industry's leaders in innovation and efficiency. Discover the top automotive supply chains.

The Critical Role of Data in Supply Chains
Drapers Online discusses the importance of data in mapping supply chains, stressing how critical accurate and comprehensive data is for efficient and effective supply chain management. Explore why data is crucial.

AI and Robotics in Retail
Retail Gazette examines the impact of AI and robotics on retail, highlighting how these technologies are transforming operations and customer interactions. Read about AI and robotics in retail.

Fashion Brands Push for Decarbonisation
Edie reports on how major fashion brands are collaborating to push for decarbonisation within their supply chains, a crucial step towards sustainability. Learn about the decarbonisation efforts.

Milan Prosecutors Investigate Fashion Brands
Retail Insight Network covers the investigation by Milan prosecutors into fashion brands, focusing on the industry's supply chain practices and ethical standards. Read about the investigation.

Critical Food Supply Chains
New Food Magazine takes an in-depth look at the world's critical food supply chains, exploring the challenges and innovations driving this essential sector. Explore the insights on food supply chains.

Investment in AI, IoT, and Automation
SDC Executive highlights the increasing investment in AI, IoT, and automation by manufacturers, illustrating the transformative potential of these technologies in supply chain management. Read about the investments.

Stay tuned for more updates and in-depth analyses in our next edition, as we continue to bring you the latest insights from the dynamic world of supply chain management.

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