The ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) and Industry 4.0 can present businesses with significant barriers concerning ownership and device management due to a lack of single-point control. In response, SATO is supporting its customers by providing software support from SOTI Connect, an IoT solution built for business that provides full device lifecycle management.

By incorporating this technology into several of its innovative printers, SATO is enabling its customers to achieve greater efficiency, commercial traceability and connectivity across their supply chains.

SATO, with its leading technology and unique interoperability, has a wide range of parameters that can be managed directly on the printer, meaning no third-party connection is required to reach a bidirectional communication with cloud-based or on-premise management systems. With SOTI Connect built-in, SATO products enable single-point management of numerous printing and labelling devices to improve operational efficiency.

Nori Yamada, Executive Officer and Chief Alliance Officer (CAO) at SATO, said eliminating the complexity of the IoT is proving beneficial across a wide range of business sectors:

“Supply chains are affected continuously by challenges surrounding the management of industrial and mobile printers which can result in reduced operational efficiency, safety and customer experience. As we know, costs are being tightly controlled across sectors such as manufacturing, retail and logistics. No business can afford to compromise efficiency when the bottom line is at stake, which has proved to be a pressure point for many businesses – but it doesn’t have to be that way.”

Research from SOTI found that only 45% of direct purchasers or influencers of technology or mobility software say their organisation currently leverages IoT, despite 76% agreeing it would improve their productivity. 31% also cite downtime as their biggest IoT-related challenge.[1]

Yamada continued: “We are proud to have an industry-leading range of devices which are IoT ready. Thanks to our intelligent printers, which are empowered with the latest technology solutions. With solutions such as SOTI Connect, we can ensure efficiency that enhances operational processing, and provide complete bundles tailored to the unique needs of a business. From now on, our customers don’t need to worry about downtime, human errors or unexpected delays, freeing them up to focus on what makes their business shine.”  

A strength of SATO printers is the quick response time through a direct connection to SOTI Connect via a proprietary adapter. This is made possible via powerful ‘system on a chip’ (SoC) devices and ample RAM/ROM to process large amounts of data being communicated to and from the printers. SATO printers run on a Linux OS, enabling seamless and easy connection to other IoT-enabled devices such as smartphones and handhelds, with a higher degree of flexibility in terms of feature expansions. 

SOTI Connect provides support for a wide variety of industrial and mobile printers and IoT-enabled sensors, offering robust management capabilities and automated monitoring and maintenance of an IoT-enabled device fleet. It also removes the need to send problematic devices to tech support for servicing by providing the ability to remotely access the device, identify any issues, pull device logs and perform automated remediation. All of this is done remotely, significantly reducing maintenance and monitoring costs of IoT solutions, thereby improving your organisation’s total cost of ownership of your IoT-enabled device fleet.

Yamada concluded: “SOTI Connect provides end-to-end visibility of the production process flow. The significance of such IoT-enabled devices is highly valued. We are happy to offer solutions which solve our customers' issues. Saving time and money simultaneously is the holy grail for businesses, particularly as budgets tighten. With SOTI Connect and the compelling portfolio available from SATO, it’s not just achievable, but effective too.” 

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