SATO, a global pioneer in the development of auto-ID and labelling solutions, has today announced its business is operating as usual taking into account the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak and has vowed support to the healthcare sector during this period of extraordinary change.  

The healthcare industry is facing incredible pressures and challenges in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. In Europe, well-developed health systems are under strain. Medical staff are adapting to a high-pressure situation that’s changing every hour, adjusting the way they think and act when treating patients. Surgeries and hospitals are urging people to stay at home and follow the Government guidelines on social distancing and self-isolation, helping prevent the spread to in-patients, the elderly and those with underlying health conditions that are most at risk. 

SATO Europe Managing Director, Laurent Lassus, said: “Healthcare workers across Europe are now at the epicentre of the pandemic and are making incredibly difficult decisions every day. To focus on saving lives, the sector requires on-demand access to equipment and solutions that help protect and prevent the spread of the virus to staff and those in care. Support from suppliers is now crucial and we want to assure the sector that we are doing everything we can to help provide these solutions quickly and in a safe and secure manner.”  

Alongside hospitalssurgeries and pharmacies, those working in residential and retirement care homes across Europe, have also had to respond rapidly to the ongoing situation by reorganising the way care is managed. Additional protective measures have since been put in place for the staff and the elderly to limit the spread and ensure infection control.  

To support the build of new emergency facilities and enable efficient preventative measures to be put in place, hardware and software solutions that can protect patient safety and medical records are critical during these times of crisis. Technologies that can register, discharge and offer on-the-spot customisation for patients to help reduce wait times are vital to hospitals, while those in care need to ensure medication is left untampered and is correctly labelled to avoid inaccuracies.  

Lassus added: “We are working with our partners and customers to ensure the right solutions are available on-demand, so they can effectively meet the needs of today’s challenging environment and help protect those most at risk.    

“At SATO, we are constantly thinking of new ways to support our customers and to help them save time during critical moments. Rest assured, our teams are available to advise and assist those on the front line wherever possible.” 

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