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Enhance labeling versatility through automation

Create, Design, Print, Control, Automate

BarTender® is a powerful engine used by companies across the globe to create and automate labels, barcodes, RFID tags and much more, improving safety, security and efficiency.

The world’s most trusted software of its kind, BarTender provides all sectors with an established, proven, reliable labelling system that integrates seamlessly with existing workflows, helping to:

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  • Design labels, cards and more
  • Enter print-time information easily with customisable data-entry forms
  • Consolidate designs with exclusive Intelligent TemplatesTM


  • Optimise and accelerate printing of barcodes, labels, cards, RFID tags and more through any printer or marking device
  • Print from any OS, system, device or web browser


  • Monitor live print status and detailed history of system usage
  • Integrate with SAP and Oracle
  • Apply secure document control
  • Manage the entire system centrally

With four editions suited to organisations of all sizes, from ‘Basic’ to ‘Enterprise Automation’, BarTender can keep pace with your growing business.

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