Bespoke PJM RFID Solutions for a 100% fit with your operational requirements

SATO can provide custom made PJM RFID Retrofit Kits suitable for retrofitting into your existing storage appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, incubators and agitators or storage furniture such as cabinets and shelving.

We work hand in hand with appliance OEM’s to provide the best solution to solve your traceability challenges.


100% fit to your operations

Customise your PJM RFID solution to perfectly fit and work with your existing operations.

On-site in-depth discovery process

Going to our customer’s site to understand and witness the challenges faced are crucial for us to find the right solution for you.

One-stop solution provider

We provide you peace of mind by collaborating with all necessary partners including OEM manufacturers to develop the best solution for you.

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Healthcare icon


Track and manage medical devices such as orthopedic implants

Blood & Pathology icon

Blood & Pathology

Track and manage blood bags, blood products and samples

Transport & Logistics icon

Transport & Logistics

Basic stock taking

Manufacturing icon


Basic stock taking, track and manage confidential documents such as product designs

Government icon


Track and manage confidential secured documents

Law Enforcement icon

Law Enforcement

Track and manage evidences and criminal record documents

Legal icon


Track and manage wills, legal documents that must be kept for years

Banking & Finance icon

Banking & Finance

Track and manage banking documents that requires processing and goes through multiple departments regularly

Diamond & Jewellery icon

Diamond & Jewellery

Track and manage high-value diamond and jewellery to prevent misplacement or loss

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