Compact, space-saving model with reliable RFID read-write capability

The MDR-1109 Desktop Reader is an RFID read/write device designed specifically for use in embedded or desktop environments. It operates as a stand-alone peripheral device communicating with a host PC via USB or Ethernet connections.

It is designed for applications where it is required to read and write information to a limited number of stacked or individual tags for administrative purposes, for access control installations or tag issuing procedures.


Reliable identification

Accurately read all tags placed within reading field.


Read and write up to 20 PJM StackTag™ with zero separation between tags or to individual PJM labels.

Fast operation on 2 reply channels

Uses 2 reply channel creating multiple concurrent communication between reader and tags.

Standalone operability

A powerful processing platform allowing for stand-alone reader operation.

Multiple Interfaces

Good connectivity offering both Ethernet and USB interfaces.

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Tagging of manufactured products

Healthcare icon


Tagging and reading single orthopedic implant

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Transport & Logistics

Tagging and reading single medical device unit

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Tagging and reading single highly secured documents

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Blood & Pathology

Tagging and reading single blood bag, test tube, specimen container

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Diamond & Jewellery

Tagging and reading diamond

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