Convenience and portability in one bench top reader ideal for identifying and tracking small high-value items

The MDR-4330AT Reader brings superior 3-Dimensional read and write capability to a convenient and portable bench top reader. This robust benchtop RFID tool will read tagged items in any orientation as well as when in densely packed containers. The upper surface is made of food grade non porous plastic which can be easily wiped clean from spills. The simplicity of the reader means no complex tuning or difficult setup procedures.

The reader is also fully shielded so that it can be placed on any surface including metal tables or shelving. It has a large read area and can read more than 750 tags in under 5 seconds.It is designed so it will only read and write to tags on top of the reader, thus eliminating accidental reading or encoding of other tags near the reader.


Reliable identification

Accurately read all tags placed within reading field.

High speed

Fast read/write capabilities.


Read and write PJM StackTag™ with zero separation between tags or to individual PJM labels.

3D RFID field

Large 3D Read area on a flat desktop antenna. Three dimensional RFID field makes operation process much efficiency and easy because the tag is insensitive to its orientation, position and location on the products to be tracked.


Easy to use desktop reader that does not require challenging set up procedure or complex tuning.

Standalone operability

A powerful processing platform allowing for stand-alone reader operation.

Multiple Interfaces

Excellent connectivity with both USB and Ethernet interfaces.

Sturdy design

Non porous plastic surface that can be easily wiped clean from spills.

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