MSTRP-5050 Tunnel Reader

Learn more about the capabilities of PJM RFID tunnel readers

Bulk identification and tracking of stacked items with 100% accuracy made easy with PJM RFID

Available with a 500x500mm aperture, this multi-axis tunnel reader will read and write to all PJM StackTag™ labels within the internal working volume of the tunnel, despite the orientation of the tags. Together with the MSTRP-6464 these two tunnels are able to handle a range of loan kit and consignment stock containers and are also available with conveyor runners on either side for ease of use.

Tunnel readers can identify many hundreds of items in boxes, trays or tubs, or on conveyor belts, quickly and reliably. Our tunnel readers are fully shielded and are well-suited for tracking of orthopaedic implant loan kits and performing stock reconciliation.


Extremely high speed

Very high speed identification, reading, writing and verification of multiple tags using 8 reply channels. Capable of writing reliably a unique 96-bit number such as an Electronic Product Code (EPC) at a rate of 3,000 tags per minute. Hence, no waiting time is required and speed caters for faster turnaround time to dispatch and receive tagged items.

600 tags per second

Ability to identify 600 tags per second. Ability to identify and read 96-bits at a rate of 15,000 tags per minute. An almost instant identification, read and write technology to detect any missing, additional or expired item even with big volume of items at one time.

100% accuracy

Reliable identification of tightly stacked, overlapping or touching tags without compromising accuracy. A unique RFID technology with 32 CRC rate guaranteeing a 100% accuracy.


Identify, read and write to the tags in the 3D tunnel hence, the tags can be overlapping, touching and tightly stacked and still does not affect performance and accuracy.

3D RFID field

Three dimensional RFID field makes operation process easier and more efficient because tag is insensitive to its orientation, position and location on the products to be tracked.

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Manage and track receipt and dispatch of orthopaedic loan kit in hospitals

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Transport & Logistics

Manage and track dispatch and receipt of orthopaedic loan kit, consigned items in and out of warehouse

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Blood & Pathology

Mass scanning of blood bags and specimens in cooler box, test tubes in containers without need to open up containers

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Manage and track medical products from manufacturers to distribution centres

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