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PJM Orbit™ – PJM RFID Medical Device Loan-Kit Management Solution for Suppliers

PJM Orbit™ is a single PJM RFID solution to manage your loan kit business. It consolidates your loan kit booking system, preference management, kit dispatch, return reconciliation and usage reporting, all into one solution.

PJM Orbit™ incorporates software, developed in close cooperation with global implant companies, and SATO VICINITY’s industry tested PJM RFID readers and tags. It is the only complete system, designed from the ground up, to run your RFID enabled orthopedic loan kit operations.

SATO VICINITY’s PJM technology is the industry standard RFID solutions for medical implant suppliers throughout Australia and New Zealand. We have successfully implemented PJM RFID technology for global orthopedic implant companies since 2005.


All-in-one solution to manage your loan kit business

Consolidates loan kit booking system, preference management, kit dispatch, return conciliation and usage reporting.

Complete solution package to run your loan kit operations

Incorporates software (developed in close cooperation with global implant companies), PJM RFID readers and tags.

Increase efficiency by drastically reduce the time for kit logistics

With up to a 75% reduction in time spent from receipt of booking to dispatch, picking and packing loan kits with PJM Orbit™ is highly efficient. Shorter lead times result in the ability to fulfill more orders when fast delivery is critical.

Manpower labour and cost savings

Up to 90% labour savings in dispatch and return.

100% shipment accuracy

Comprehensive surgeon and hospital preference management enables accurate maintenance and verification. PJM Orbit™ prevents shipment of recalled or discontinued items, expired items, extra items or kits with missing items.

Improved customer service & dramatic reduction in usage disputes with hospitals

Provides consistently accurate and on-time shipments to hospitals, virtually eliminating the occurrence of incomplete bookings or bookings with errors.

How to Get Started with PJM Orbit™?

Import your existing data

Export your item master, surgeon, hospital and preference data from your existing ERP system and import it into the PJM Orbit™ application database.

Tag your inventory

Apply a PJM StackTag™ to each implant. The PJM Orbit™ application will link the tag's unique serial number to the physical product. The application will intelligently decode your product barcode and extract the item code, lot or batch number and serial number.

Application and hardware installation

PJM Orbit™ is a web based application. It can be hosted on site or in a secure data center. Tunnels and desktop readers are connected to your LAN via Ethernet.

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