SATO’s PJM RFID Retrofit Kits fit directly into your existing refrigerators, freezers, incubators and agitation appliances without any loss of storage capacity or requiring any mechanical modification.

By maintaining storage capacity, no additional appliances are required, saving cost while maintaining the existing footprint. PJM’s extremely high speed and 3D reading capability allows blood and batch products to be stored in any orientation in line with existing handling procedures, without procedural changes nor compromise to current workflows.


Real-time inventory

Real-time visibility of physical blood products in single or multiple storage locations. Complete inventory count in seconds.


Real-time stock count is performed within the refrigeration appliance ensuring that blood products remain in cold chain storage eliminating the out of storage handling required for manual or barcode stocktakes. Bacterial growth activity is minimised ensuring the quality of the blood product and safety for the patient.

First-Expired-First-Out (FEFO) compliance

First-Expired-First-Out capability reduces wastage of expired blood and blood products.

Error detection

Alerts or alarms can be automatically triggered when non-authorised (for example quarantined, expired and recalled) blood products are added to, or taken out of, refrigeration or agitation appliances. Units held out of storage beyond pre-defined time limits can be automatically identified and remedial action enforced.

No change to existing operation due to 3D reading field

Unique 3D reading and tag stacking capability allows tags to be read regardless of their orientation even when tightly stacked or packed in bulk. This supports all existing methods used to store blood products making best use of the limited space in many blood centres, blood banks and laboratories.

Reserved special blood product

Users can reserve specific special blood product units and alerts can be triggered if these are incorrectly removed from refrigeration or agitation storage.

Shared blood units across different blood banks

Enables immediate network-wide searches for urgent blood products. Shortages can be immediately overcome by having instant access to the total real time inventory of blood products in different blood banks.

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