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SATO Cloud Connector

Simple and easy direct printer connection method without PC or Server Agent that is easy to integrate into customer or 3rd party vendors Cloud based IT System environment especially cloud environment. Secure printing authentication that establishes bi-directional secure connection with the cloud server from within the local network with no VPN needed.

Benefit & Value

This product is foreseen for ISV partners and customers, that maintain and sell a cloud based solution either to customers or end users using the cloud solution for their own environment.

SATO Cloud Connector enables a direct printing to SATO printers logged in to the internet. This reduces complexity and time to print dramatically. This feature will contain 2 possible steps.

  1. Establishing a cloud connection and set up a printer administration for the printer fleet attached to the cloud instance
  2. There needs to be a routine established how to process printing

The solution can be defined as being the sole solution for the third party component but most likely vendors want to be open for all printer vendors. Therefore we have a USP and that is time. As it is described in the above presentation the complexity and time to print at cloud printing is massively reduced with SATO Cloud Connector.

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