Designed by SATO, SmaPri allows users to easily send print jobs to their SATO printers using mobile devices.


Users can print out labels from various mobile applications by designing labels on PC using SmaPri Designer and installing SmaPri Driver on their mobile devices.

SmaPri Designer

A Windows desktop application with graphical user interface that allows users to easily design label using PC.

SmaPri Driver

To be installed by user on mobile devices (i.e. iOS, Android) and can be integrated or called by application for label printing (without writing printing languages)

1. SmaPri Designer - Label Designing

SmaPri Designer supports a wide range of objects from characters, barcodes and graphics to date, serial number and price. This application makes it simple for users to design labels by picking and placing objects on the label template.

SmaPri Designer - Label Designing

2.1 SmaPri Driver - Label Printing

SmaPri Driver can be integrated to user's application using HTTP request (Android) or URL scheme (iOS). This is not limited to the native app installed on devices, but can also be integrated to Web app which was not easily achievable with Software Development Kit (SDK).

SmaPri Driver - Label Printing

2.2 SmaPri Driver - Printer Connection Handling

SmaPri Driver handles connection with printer, error handling and printer status monitoring. Functions for changing connection method or monitoring of printing status are also provided in the setting screen.

SmaPri Driver - Printer Connection Handling


SmaPri (General) Supported Printers MB200i
PW208NX / PW208mNX (Support Apple MFi certified Bluetooth interface)
SmaPri Designer Supported OS Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 / Vista
SmaPri Driver
Supported OS Android OS 7 / 6/ 5 / 4 (4.1 or above)
Interface Bluetooth (SPP), Wireless LAN
Method HTTP request (GET method and POST method)
SmaPri Driver
Supported OS iOS 10 / 9 / 8 / 7
Interface Bluetooth (MFi, PW208 / PW208m / PW208NX / PW208mNX only), Wireless LAN
Method URL scheme (scheme name: smapri)


SmaPri Driver for Android

SmaPri Driver for iOS (from App Store)

SmaPri Driver Demo Application for Android

SmaPri Driver for Demonstration Site - Simple demonstration sample web base applications written with HTML5, JavaScript and HTML

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