High speed identification of stacked items with PJM StackTag

One of the key advantages of SATO’s PJM RFID systems is the ability to identify tags on items when multiple items are stacked, or closely located, even in the presence of liquids. This stacking feature is provided by PJM StackTag™. We provide a number of tag formats and tag sizes to suit different applications.

A number of popular tag types are available from SATO VICINITY. Depending on volumes, new tags can be designed for particular applications. Typically, tags are provided as bare inlets, transparent adhesive labels or paper adhesive labels.


High frequency RFID 18000-3 Mode 2

Operation frequency 13.56 MHz

Up to 600 tags/second

Identification speeds up to 600 tags/second

High command speed

Reader command data rate of 424 kbit/s

High reply speed

Reply data rate of 106 kbit/s per reply channel & reply data rate of 424 kbit/s when communicating with one tag at a time

8 reply channels

Reply frequency hopping over 8 randomly selected channels

Large memory space

Advanced 4 kbit OTP memory

Each tag comes with unique identification

Unique serial number

Memory lock

Memory can be incrementally locked

Password protection

Optional 48 bit password protection

State retention

State retention during temporary power loss

Minimal separation

Minimal tag to tag stacking separation for large stacks

ESD protection devices (anti-static components)

ESD Electronic Discharge protection for minimum 2kV

20 years data retention

Data retention greater than 20 years at 25°C

Fast programming

Fast programming of OTP memory


Anti-collision choke point: Greater than 32,000 tags

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Test tube labels, blood product labels, specimen container labels, medical device labels, medicine labels, medical accessories.

Blood & Pathology icon

Blood & Pathology

Blood bag labels, test tube labels, specimen container labels

Manufacturing icon


Confidential document labels

Diamond & Jewellery icon

Diamond & Jewellery

Diamond and jewellery labels

Transport & Logistics icon

Transport & Logistics

Orthopaedic loan kit labels, consignment item labels

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Confidential document labels

Law Enforcement icon

Law Enforcement

Labels for evidences and criminal record documents

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Labels for wills, legal documents

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Banking & Finance

Labels for confidential banking documents

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